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Guides and Consultancy

Setting up a miner for a beginner can be confusing, and that’s why we are here to help. We hope cryptocurrency mining can be easy for everyone:



Most of Asic Miners require 220V (200V ~ 240V) power outlet to run. Therefore it is very important to figure out how to get 220V power. 


Hire a electrician to setup dual wire 240V outlet. (NO CONVERTER!!!)

With 200V ~ 240V power outlet setup, now you can start setting up your miners:

2. Setup your cryptocurrency wallet ( with Coinbase ). You can easily get and sell the cryptocurrency you get from mining. 

 3. Connect your miner to a mining pool ( with Nicehash & Coinbase )

 4. Helpful tools for finding miner IP address.

 5. Need more help?

You can book a consultancy with our technician by sending an email to [email protected]