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About Us

We Are Miners First and Foremost

Let us help you grow your crypto mining empire!

Market Crypto Miners (Crypto Miners Inc. – 2701 Lyndale Ave N
102 Minneapolis, MN 55411)
is more than a provider of premium ASIC mining gear: We are a dedicated team of cryptocurrency miners with a passion for the work and a commitment to the community.

Frustrated with the lack of security and tremendous risk associated with unsecured ASIC purchasing, Market Crypto Miners was founded to provide other miners with the support, security, and protection they need – saving them and making them money at an accelerated rate. With millions processed in ASIC sales in 2021 alone, Market Crypto Minersis changing the way cryptocurrency is mined.

Our team of highly experienced, qualified, and committed crypto experts are here to reduce the stress of buying cryptocurrency by offering a seamless and secure ASIC purchasing process, providing fast shipping, and delivering service and support that surpasses all expectations throughout the process. Simply put, we strive to be your one-stop-shopping experience for all of your ASIC purchases today and throughout the future.

Meet Our Founder

For over two decades, Market Crypto Miners founder and CEO Gregory I. Stewart has been electrifying the world of e-commerce and customer service. Dedicated to delivering unsurpassed service and commitment to clients, customers, suppliers, and business partners throughout his career, Gregory has built a strong reputation for being a thoughtful, innovative, and creative businessman and entrepreneur. Growing up in Asia, he was able to observe the passionate work ethic the culture is known for and strove to emulate it throughout his entire life.

His love for e-commerce developed with the rapid advances of digital shopping venues such as eBay. Known for being a speedy, mindful, detail-oriented, and friendly seller, Gregory has maintained a 99% feedback rating that has endured for over 20 years and thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers. He also has enjoyed a multi-decade career selling electronics online and building robust partnerships with buyers, sellers, and suppliers in China.

To Gregory, Market Crypto Miners has always been more than a business – it has been a necessity. As an avid cryptocurrency miner, he understood the perils and risks associated with crypto mining and sought to build a better system and better process. Partnering with the best suppliers and partners in Shenzhen, the ASIC manufacturing Gregory, established Market Crypto Miners to bring safe ASIC buying to the world – simple as that.

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